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30 Day Challenge: Duplicate or Move an EOS dApp to WAX to be eligible for $2,500!

Dec 3, 2019
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WAX is challenging YOU to duplicate or move your EOS dApp onto WAX, and you’ll be eligible to win $2,500 in WAX Tokens.

Do you have an EOS dApp? WAX is here to help you launch your project on WAX by providing funding, marketing support, and developer resources.

Join other dApps switching from EOS to WAX

By launching on WAX, you’re joining dApps like the social network dApp KARMA, the hit game Prospectors, and battle game Chain Clash which have already announced their respective moves to WAX, saying:

“Is EOS (mainnet) the best place currently to run KARMA for both user experience and cost? After going through all of the options and factors involved, the conclusion arrived at was that WAX was the best option for the KARMA project at this time,” said Dallas Rushing, KARMA CEO
“WAX is a big deal for dApp developers because we believe we can attract millions of non-blockchain savvy users who might want to try out your dApp but just don’t want to deal with the blockchain technical details,” said Nazar Chervinskiy, CEO of The Prospectors.

Why should EOS dApps consider WAX?

We believe in EOSIO. A year and a half after choosing EOSIO as our base platform, we are confident that this was the right decision for WAX.

However dApp developers and customers are experiencing pain points, and we believe we can help. WAX offers all the benefits of DPoS, open source, and free and instant transactions, but with considerable and important advantages in the areas of:

  • WAX has the most consumer-friendly login and onboarding process for dApp customers. Customers can log in and start using your dApp with just two clicks, without having to link a third-party wallet. Customers can login using 13 different methods like facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and VK.
  • Earning WAX Staking Rewards offsets developer’s cost of system resources. Developers can earn rewards in the form of more WAX Tokens while running their dApp. By voting regularly for WAX Guilds and standby guilds, dApp developers not only contribute to the selection of quality block producers which supports the overall health of the WAX Blockchain, they also earn more WAX Tokens every day.
  • The WAX Blockchain has a diverse pool of block producers. The 21 WAX Guilds producing blocks on the WAX Blockchain are the top WAX Guilds determined by the independent Office of the Inspector General, per its WAX Guild Ratings Report.
  • WAX has an effective and coherent governance model. WAX has a higher rate of voter participation than any other DPoS blockchain because token holders are incentivized to vote. These voters choose the block producers (called WAX Guilds) and soon, proposals submitted to the WAX Worker Proposal System.

How to move an EOS dApp to WAX in 6 easy steps

Launching an EOS dApp onto WAX can be done easily, in just six steps. You can find that documentation in our WAX Developer Hive here.

How to join the 30 Day EOS to WAX Challenge

Here’s how to become eligible for the EOS To WAX challenge:

  • Complete this form by 12/18/19
  • We will let you know if you are accepted into the challenge by January 2, 2020. If you are accepted, publish a blog post announcing your transition from EOS to WAX and explain why (see example from KARMA)
  • Tweet your blog post with @wax_io and #EOStoWAX

If you’re not accepted into the challenge but still move an existing EOS dApp onto WAX, you will still be eligible to earn $100 in WAX Tokens.

10 applicants will be accepted based on dApp’s usage, quality, and fit. Our business development team will notify you if you’re accepted. If you’re accepted, you’ll have 30 days to move your dApp onto WAX to complete the challenge and earn your prize!


Let us know what you think by joining the WAX community:




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