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Announcing the WAX Advisory Council: Bringing together the greatest minds in tech, video gaming, and entertainment

Jun 4, 2020
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Update 6/10/2020: We have begun announcing members of the WAX Advisory Council, stay up to date on new members here and follow us on Twitter to be the first to find out who new members are!


We are excited to announce the creation of the WAX Advisory Council, an organization that will bring together the greatest minds in tech, video gaming, entertainment, and other relevant industries to accelerate the adoption of WAX Blockchain technology.

Who are the WAX Advisory Council members?

WAX Advisory Council members are leaders from prestigious global companies. The first members will be announced over the coming weeks, and include leaders from some of the largest and most well-known companies in the world who have impacted the way we interact with games and tech.

Be among the first to find out who the members are by following us on Twitter, where the first member announcement will be begin on Tuesday June 9, 2020.

What do WAX Advisory Council members do?

WAX Advisory Council members will offer recommendations and guidance to the WAX Team that’s relevant to their area of expertise, and identify potential requirements, roadblocks and solutions for blockchain to be incorporated into their business and products. This will help inform the WAX roadmap as we work towards our goal of becoming the blockchain of choice for video gaming and entertainment companies.

As ambassadors to their industries, members will also bring knowledge of blockchain solutions to their companies for its use in their products and services.

Why did WAX create the WAX Advisory Council?

Blockchain is a nascent technology and while the video gaming space has been much quicker to adopt blockchain technology than other industries have, blockchain still has yet to find a stronghold in video gaming and entertainment.

The WAX Advisory Council aims to fix this by:

  • Aligning our roadmap with input from council members, who are leaders and experts in their industries
  • Working with council members to drive the adoption of WAX Blockchain technology in their business and products

As many in the WAX and blockchain communities already know, WAX has developed unique and effective solutions for solving problems experienced in the blockchain space including the Office of the Inspector General for evaluating WAX Guild Candidates’ contributions to the ecosystem, the WAX Labs worker proposal system for funding projects that grow the ecosystem, an effective governance model to drive voter participation, a mass-adoption friendly wallet, and more. We look forward to launching the WAX Advisory Council as the next step in the advancement and adoption of blockchain technology.


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