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WAX Community Developer Highlight Series: cryptomonKeys

Dec 2, 2020
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What does the project do?

cryptomonKeys is a community-driven, meme-rich digital trading card series that’s distributed entirely for free through airdrops, giveaways and contests. All the NFT trading cards they distribute have entirely original highly-detailed monkey-themed artwork.

While these cards are free to receive, there is a finite supply and some cards have sold for more than $200 on secondary markets.

The cryptomonKeys team has also developed the first-ever NFT tip bot, and have used it to distribute hundreds of NFTs freely by programmatically generating Atomic Tools claim links. There's no need for a recipient to register their WAX Account name in order to receive the NFT. The tip bot can also mint NFTs directly to itself or someone else if a WAX Account name has been recorded. Lastly, the tip bot can display the details of NFTs within collection, their distribution, and fair market prices calculated from the EMA of recent sales and the current lowest for-sale price.

The project launched in September 2020 and the team is constantly adding new features, partnering with other NFT projects, and running fun community-based activities around their NFT drops.

Who is behind the project?

  • SoggyApplePie, Discord: SoggyApplePie#4501
  • Bantano, Discord: bantano#1919
  • Vyryn, Discord: Vyryn#4618

What are the project’s greatest accomplishments?

cryptomonKeys provides freely distributed meme NFTs. In the two months since launch, they’ve distributed more than 6,900 meme NFTs, for free, to over 1,000 people and look forward to many more.

Recently, their card #1, mint #1 was auctioned off for 191919 WAX, the highest Atomic Assets auction to date by a wide margin. And 81% of their auction proceeds go directly to charity!

What would the project creator like the community to know?

“When we launched cryptomonKeys, we primarily aimed to create the collectible digital trading card series we ourselves would like to collect: Clear-cut cards with detailed artwork, no shenanigans but instead defined rarity and collection concept paired with constant output in a fun community and an educational, fun, and welcoming atmosphere,” says cryptomonKeys co-founder, Bantano.

“We have a long-term vision with lots of ideas for additions, however for now we put the community first, listen to suggestions, and reward contributions. If anyone wants to participate they are very welcome: Simply join our social media to learn more about the project and contact us! While Twitter, Telegram or Email ([email protected]) work fine, the best place to engage with our community and us is our Discord server, the main-hub of our activities.”

Where can you find the project’s community?


* The information in this blog post was provided by CryptomonKeys


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