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WAX Community Developer Highlight Series: Myth.Market

Dec 29, 2020
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What does the project do?

Myth.Market is a series of WAXP-powered marketplaces for NFT series like Garbage Pail Kids (GPK), Blockchain Heroes, KOGs, and William Shatner. It was created to be a convenient marketplace that is focused on user-experience. The creator’s goal was to remove unnecessary information that the regular user doesn't need. “We believe that GPK.Market was the first WAX NFT Marketplace to achieve this,” says Byron, founder of GPK.Market.

Who is behind the project?

Byron, Telegram: @MythByron

What are the project’s greatest accomplishments?

“Introducing an easy-to-use interface for anyone to interact with the WAX Blockchain. We’re proud that this kicked off the GPK trading mania of Series 1 and encouraged developers to create their own marketplaces.” - Byron

What would the project creator like the community to know?

“We’d like to thank everyone for using Myth.Marketplace, generating almost $1,000,000 in trading volume to make this project a success. We’re looking forward to many more updates.” - Byron

Where can you find the project’s community?


* The information in this blog post was provided by Myth.Market


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