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WAX Digital Art is Here: The safest, fastest, and easiest way to instantly trade digital art to anyone in the world.

Nov 26, 2018
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Introducing WAX Digital Art - the safest, fastest, and easiest way to instantly trade digital art to anyone in the world. Artists, get started by completing the WAX Digital Art Registration form at the bottom of this post or click here.

WAX Digital Art is unique because not only are they tradable assets such as other categories of items, they can also be displayed in virtual spaces like Terra Virtua or with Augmented Reality.

Video game developers can also include this virtual art into their game environments by integrating the WAX ExpressTrade API.

Artists and art buyers both benefit from trading digital art on the WAX Blockchain. Here’s how:

WAX Digital Art: “Cyber Love” by The Cheeseman
WAX Digital Art: “Cyber Love” by The Cheeseman. Click to view on the WAX Explorer.

Artists: Create and sell your digital art on the blockchain

Artists who put their WAX Digital Art on the WAX Blockchain never have to worry about forgery, provenance, or misattribution of their work. That’s because every transaction that takes place on the WAX Blockchain is completely transparent, and can be tracked on the WAX Explorer. This means that you or anyone else in the world who has an internet connection can see when your artwork was created, how many pieces of your art exist, the chain of ownership, when it was traded, and that it was created by you.

How does this work? Get started by filling out the WAX Digital Art Registration form. We’ll put your art on the WAX Blockchain and transfer the ownership of each piece to you. Then you choose what you wish to do with it - sell one piece or sell them all, gift them, trade them for other works of art, send them to a video game publisher to use in their game, etc. The choice is entirely up to you - once you have your pieces, it’s yours to distribute however you wish. That means you control the rarity and initial distribution of your work - no one else - and they can never be duplicated.

To list your art for sale, head to a marketplace like To trade, gift, or send your art, you can do so from your WAX ExpressTrade account.

If you or anyone else wishes to track the creation and movement of your art including trades, sales, and ownership, simply visit the WAX Explorer.

Artwork requirements for WAX Digital Art:

  • You must own all aspects of the artwork. Copyrighted material is only accepted if you are the owner of the copyright
  • Any shape is permitted - does not have to be rectangle, round, etc.
  • Animated artwork is welcome. It must loop. We strongly suggest .gif files.
  • Your artwork must have a name
  • Art cannot contain the following content: drugs/alcohol (including marijuana), nudity or sexual content, political content, foul language/profanity or hate speech/racism, religious content

File requirements for WAX Digital Art :

  • High definition .png or .gif
  • Resolution of 2048x2048 px is ideal. 1024x1024 px minimum
  • Create the image at the suggested resolution (do not create it at a smaller resolution and stretch it to fill out the resolution)

Art buyers: Buy digital art with ease and confidence on the WAX Blockchain

Buying and trading WAX Digital Art is as simple as any other e-commerce transaction. That’s because the WAX Blockchain is the world’s first e-commerce blockchain - built with consumers in mind (not just the crypto elite and blockchain tech-savvy communities). That means that you can either buy with your country’s currency or crypto, trade to anyone who has a WAX ExpressTrade account, sell your art for cash or crypto, or keep your collection in your inventory and acquire new pieces as you wish.

And you have the confidence of knowing that the art you’re purchasing is authentic since the art’s creation and chain of ownership is tracked on the WAX Explorer and cannot be altered by anyone. The artwork’s rarity is transparent for the same reasons - anyone can view how many pieces of the artwork exist, and they cannot be duplicated or removed from circulation.

Do you have a favorite digital artist whose work you’d like to see on the WAX Blockchain? Let them know!



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