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WAX momentum builds as a dApp on WAX reaches 24,000+ daily active users

Dec 20, 2019
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Momentum on WAX continues to build as successful dApps, partnerships, voter incentive programs, and new features all contribute to onboarding record numbers of customers to the WAX Blockchain.

dApp Success Skyrockets Blockchain Activity

Prospectors launched its Yukon Land on the WAX Blockchain December 4, 2019 and was an immediate hit, reaching 24,222 DAU’s on December 13, 2019.

And as a result, players of the massive multiplayer online real-time economic strategy game and their associated transaction volume skyrocketed WAX to #3 on Block'tivity’s ranking of the most active blockchains in the world.


WAX goes live on Newdex, traders rapidly Place 6.2 Million WAX Tokens in Orders

dApp customers can use Newdex to buy in-game currency for their favorite dApps using WAX Tokens. Newdex listed WAX on December 18, 2019 and more than 439,000 WAXP Tokens have traded, and more than 6.2 million WAXP Tokens placed in orders.


WAX Blockchain activity booming from increase in verified users

More than 280,000 WAX Blockchain accounts have been created, including 215,000 WAX Cloud Wallet accounts in just two weeks.

WAX has the highest rate of voter participation of any DPoS blockchain due to generous voting rewards

WAX has the highest rate of voter participation because of our aggressive staking and voting rewards program. These WAX Staking Rewards are designed to encourage token holders’ participation in the WAX ecosystem and to combat the voter apathy problem plaguing other blockchains.

Holders of WAX Tokens stake their tokens and vote with them to select the highest quality WAX Guilds (block producers), standby guilds, and blockchain improvement proposals (coming soon). Click here to learn how to stake and vote on WAX.

The program has been a phenomenal success since launching, with total staked tokens reaching 1.6 billion (more than 80% of circulating supply).

The high rate of voting activity is evidenced by the average vote strength of 87% per token.


How many WAXP Tokens can you earn just from voting with your tokens? Find out by using the calculator on

WAX is attracting partners in droves

A number of partnerships have been announced in the past few weeks, including KARMA, Chain Clash, ITAM, HeroSphere, dfuse, Splinterlands, Prospectors, Dark Country and CurrencyWorks.

New features and services are available for WAXP Token and NFT holders

We’ve added three convenient new features and services for holders of both WAXP Tokens and WAX NFTs like VGO Skins, WAX Stickers, WAX Digital Art, and WAX Collectible Cards.

You can now:

  1. One-click transfer all your WAX NFTs to the WAX Blockchain
  2. Convert WAX Keys to WAXP Tokens in your WAX Cloud Wallet
  3. Sell and transfer your WAX NFTs on dApp marketplaces like SIMPLE MARKET

Read here for more details.


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