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WAX Stickers: A new blockchain-based product coming soon to the WAX products lineup

Oct 16, 2018
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Introducing a new blockchain-based product to the WAX products lineup: WAX Stickers.

As you know, we’re big fans of digital ownership. That’s why we’ve been hard at work over the last year building the Worldwide Asset eXchange™, so that anyone in the world with an internet connection can own digital or digitized items, and then use or trade them however they want.

WAX Stickers are blockchain-based and are the Next Big Thing in digital ownership. Buy, sell, trade, or collect them on and WAX ExpressTrade when they go live in the coming weeks. WAX Stickers are generated and traded on the WAX Blockchain, which you can soon track on the WAX Explorer.

So what are WAX Stickers all about?

WAX Stickers have several uses, some of which you might be familiar with and some that are completely unique to the Worldwide Asset eXchange. Personalize your digital items and personas with them, start a collection, trade them with your friends, or create awesome limited edition batches to connect with your followers and use them as a unique revenue source.

WAX Sticker example
WAX Sticker example

Hoard them for yourself, or trade and sell them to whoever you want

Like all items on the WAX Platform, WAX Stickers are tradable. Owners of WAX Stickers can trade them to anyone and it’s as simple as sending your friend an emoji — but an emoji that is limited in quantity, and can be bought, sold, collected or plastered on a digital item.

Where’s the marketplace to buy and sell WAX Stickers? OPSkins Marketplace, of course. WAX Stickers can be sold on marketplaces like for real cash at any time, for any amount, and no matter how rare.

Coming soon to WAX Stickers: your favorite fandoms, brands, and titles

WAX Stickers are primed to become highly collectible digital asset, as WAX has already inked deals with major global brands that will be licensing WAX Stickers. You will soon see WAX Stickers that feature worldwide iconic brands with household names! Collect limited-edition WAX Stickers from your favorite fandom and rock them on your digital persona in the manner that best fits your style.

WAX Stickers are a new way for influencers to earn money

One use for these digital WAX Stickers is that streamers ( and YouTube personalities) can design custom WAX Stickers and give them out or sell them to their audience. This allows influencers to connect with their fanbase, breaking down the barrier of a third-party controlling their sticker’s circulation and rarity (as is currently the model for other similar items). For example, a streamer might only release a small batch of branded stickers into the ecosystem to keep their value and rarity high, therefore creating an item trading economy out of their brand.

WAX Stickers will only be issued with a streamer’s branding if they’re verified by that streamer, ensuring the WAX Sticker’s authenticity.

WAX Stickers can be applied to VGO Skins — and that’s just the beginning

Similar to how stickers on other in-game items work, you can apply a WAX Sticker to a VGO skin, and any other NFT, in-game item, avatar, etc. that supports WAX Stickers. This allows VGO skin collectors and users of other compatible digital goods to personalize the items in their inventory. Adorn your Terra Virtua avatar with 37 pieces of flair. Or add your favorite streamer’s limited-edition sticker to your AK-47 | Anubis.
Stickers can greatly increase value the value of digital items. For example, earlier this year, when a gun sold on for more than $61,000, much of that skin’s value was attributed to the stickers on it.

WAX Stickers as emojis

Upcoming apps will feature WAX Sticker designs as emojis. Any WAX Stickers that you own can be sent in messaging apps and chats the way that you’re used to sending emojis. The rarity of the WAX Stickers means that only you might have access to a rare emoji.

True ownership of digital items, part of our goal of creating an item-centric video game ecosystem

In the past we’ve detailed how WAX is building an item-centric gaming ecosystem for the benefit of both video game players and publishers. At the heart of this concept is something we like to call true ownership.

Most people don’t realize that the majority of in-game digital items are ultimately owned by the game developers who create them, even after the item is acquired by a player either by paying for it or earning it through their time and effort. But as is the case with a new wave of digital items like NFTs and VGO skins that are making their way to the forefront of the gaming world, WAX Stickers are truly owned by those who possess them. No party other than the WAX Sticker’s owner can restrict who its traded to, when its traded, why its traded, or what its traded for.

The level of flexibility that is afforded by true ownership means that WAX Stickers can be used in a variety of ways. Put your WAX Stickers on a Terra Virtua avatar, or a VGO skin, or any other product that exists which supports them — no one’s going to stop you from using them how you wish (ahem, unlike other digital items). And unlike real-life stickers, you can easily remove them from your digital items and place them on any other — instantly, and without any sticky residue ;)

A major feature of WAX Stickers is that … oh wait, we can’t tell you this part yet

Coming soon. It’s really cool. Trust us, you’ll like it. Stay tuned.


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