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Welcome, Prospectors! The hit game launches on the WAX Blockchain, integrates WAX Cloud Wallet, opens WAX "Yukon" Land to players

Dec 4, 2019
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Today is the day that one of the largest dApps in the world comes to WAX. Prospectors, the wildly popular massive multiplayer online real-time economic strategy game, is now running on the WAX Blockchain and has integrated WAX Cloud Wallet to make it as easy as possible for gamers to play the game. With the integration comes a whole new WAX land called Yukon, where players can mine for in-game items.

Prospectors gave their reasons for launching on WAX in a recent blog post, citing how easy WAX Cloud Wallet makes it for gamers to play blockchain games, saying: “We wanted to expand Prospectors to a user base beyond those who are advanced users of blockchain tech… We were committed to making the entrance easily accessible to everyone and to ensure the safety of the user’s assets at the same time. Thanks to our WAX partners and their All Access [WAX Cloud Wallet] technology, it became possible.

Want to earn free WAX Tokens just for trying out the game? For a limited time, players who try out the game by logging in with a WAX Cloud Wallet account will earn free WAX Tokens. Creating a WAX Cloud Wallet Account is free and players can win up to 25,000 WAX. The promotion is powered by BountyBlok, which allows users to be rewarded for performing on-chain transactions. Learn more about how get started playing and earning free WAX here.

What is the WAX Cloud Wallet (and why did Prospectors integrate it)?

The WAX Cloud Wallet (WCW) is unique because we’ve made it as simple to use any dApp as any app in the Apple App store. And it’s easy for developers to integrate with just a few lines of code.

With WCW, customers can log into their blockchain account in seconds using familiar social platforms like Google, Facebook and Twitter. Because we designed it for a global audience, WCW is in 48 different languages and works on mobile just as easily as it does on desktop.

Unlike other blockchain wallets, WCW can store your digital items that you acquired from a dApp like Prospectors and your crypto balances all in the same place.

WCW is one of the reasons that Prospectors came to WAX. “The WAX Cloud Wallet is a big deal for dApp developers like Prospectors because we believe we can attract the billions of non-blockchain savvy users who might want to try out your dApp but just don’t want to deal with the blockchain technical details,” said Nazar Chervinskiy, CEO of Prospectors. “Novice users can sign transactions and manage access to their personal information as easily as using any standard oAuth platform, while still affording advanced users the ability to stake resources and manage their private keys."

Yukon - A new WAX Land

With the launch comes a whole new land, Yukon: “The Yukon is a boreal wilderness, where old spruces are swaying from the wind, and snow is hiding earth’s treasures from the stranger’s sight. Cordial hosts will greet you there. They will do all they can to make your stay a pleasant one, and guide you along your way. The Yukon is a frozen land, where only the things that can withstand a colder climate will survive. Also, the Yukon’s soil contains different amounts of minerals than the Wild West’s land.”

So try out Prospectors, earn some free WAX, and let us know what you think in the WAX and Prospectors communities:




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