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William Shatner is coming to the WAX Blockchain: Get digital memorabilia from Star Trek's Captain Kirk as NFTs on WAX!

Jun 23, 2020
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For the first time ever, troves of iconic actor William Shatner's most personal memorabilia will be made available to the public - on WAX!

William Shatner: the TV Legend comes to WAX

William Shatner, one of film and television's most beloved actors whose career spans more than 60 years, is releasing an intimate collection of photographs from his personal life and film career on the WAX Blockchain. The adored actor will share never-before-seen scenes from his life. The scenes include a picture of himself at the moment he found out his daughter was born, to a candid photo of him hugging Leonard Nimoy. And in what is almost certainly a blockchain first - William Shatner will even be releasing one of his dental X-ray pictures on the WAX Blockchain!

Fans of all ages admire the Emmy and Golden Globe Award winning actor from his seemingly endless list of roles that includes Captain Kirk in television's most famous science fiction series, Star Trek, to the title role in T.J. Hooker, to the Priceline Negotiator.

Join the waitlist here to enter to win a William Shatner NFT!

*Design example, subject to change

Buy, sell, and trade William Shatner NFTs on the WAX Blockchain

William Shatner's collection is being released as digital cards that can be bought, sold, and traded on the WAX Blockchain. Each collectible item features a caption written by William himself, is guaranteed to be authentic, and can never be counterfeited or duplicated since all transactions are secured by blockchain technology.

How to get William Shatner NFTs on WAX

To participate in the William Shatner memorabilia sale, you can purchase WAX digital card packs on a soon-to-be-released marketplace. Opening the WAX digital trading cards will reveal the William Shatner memorabilia you have received. With the WAX Cloud Wallet, the cards can be safely and easily traded, and showcased on social media. You can also review the wishlists of other card collectors to find trading partners.

Owners of special Golden Cards can even redeem their cards for a piece of physical memorabilia autographed by William Shatner himself!

The release date will be announced in the near future, follow WAX and William on Twitter to stay updated!


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