Coming December 16: deadmau5 NFTs on WAX!

дек. 11, 2020
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Limited deadmau5 digital collectibles will be available for the first time EVER on December 16th at 12pm EST! Details of the sale can be found here, and you can join the dedicated Telegram community here.

The special edition collectibles feature creative from deadmau5’s recent shows and video clips, his collectible pins plus an ‘UltraRare’ collaborative artwork by a renowned 3D designer Sutu Eats Flies who has previously worked with The Weeknd, John Legend, Pnau, Safia and many others. Each rarity features a different animation style, which you can view samples of here.

This series from deadmau5 are the first digital collectibles under the new brand name RAREZ; rare and authentic digital collectibles for the emerging virtual music industry. Because NFTs trade on the blockchain, it ensures that each deadmau5 collectible is 100% verifiable as authentic.

About the deadmau5 NFT sale on WAX

Following sell-out collections from Topps, Atari, and William Shatner, packs of deadmau5 NFTs will go on sale on December 16, 2020 at 12pm EST, with pack opening beginning at 3pm EST. There are two pack sizes:

  • Pack of 10 deadmau5 NFTs: $9.99
  • Pack of 30 deadmau5 NFTs: $28.49

Past NFT pack sales on WAX have sold out in as quickly as 9 minutes, and very high demand is anticipated for the music legend’s first-ever NFT sale.

Once collectors have NFTs or packs, they can sell and trade them on WAX-powered marketplaces and apps. WAX NFTs have sold on secondary marketplaces for over $5,000.

Sign up for email notifications about the sale here, and join the community here.

deadmau5 Sticker NFT
deadmau5 Sticker NFT

NFTs are the deadmau5’s next step into blockchain

This is not deadmau5’s first foray into blockchain. His career-long manager, Dean Wilson has been working behind the scenes with the Emanate team since 2019 and his record label, mau5trap records is adding more than 600 catalogue tracks to the EOS-based platform. The dance music legend also played the virtual launch party of the p2p music sharing and crypto platform, Audius, earlier this year.

Limited-time promotional offer for deadmau5 NFTs

Keen music fans can access a limited edition promo code for a free NFT pack via the Emanate platform, with just 150 promo packs available. More details will be available on Emanate Twitter.


Will you participate in the sale? Let us know what you think by joining the WAX community:


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deadmau5 NFT Telegram

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