Introducing the WAX Cloud Wallet: The Last Mile in Blockchain Has Been Solved

дек. 4, 2019
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The Last Mile in Blockchain Has Been Solved

I’ve used many blockchain dApps. Some are amazing and some aren’t. But nearly all of them are limited in reach because of the insane levels of friction when onboarding new users. Logging into a dApp today is like using a Rube Goldberg machine to open a door.

The industry hasn’t been able to solve this madness because frankly, it’s hard to do simple in the blockchain world.

That’s all over, starting today.

What is the WAX Cloud Wallet (WCW)?

The WAX Cloud Wallet is unique because we’ve made it as simple to use any dApp as any app in the Apple App store. And it’s easy for developers to integrate with just a few lines of code.

With WCW, customers can log into their blockchain account in seconds using familiar social platforms like Google, Facebook and Twitter. Because we designed it for a global audience, WCW is in 48 different languages and works on mobile just as easily as it does on desktop.

Unlike other wallets, WCW can store your digital items that you acquired from a dApp and your crypto balances all in the same place. There’s nothing else like it.

“The WAX Cloud Wallet is part of our continuing effort to make blockchain easy for everyone,” says WAX Co-founder William Quigley. You can create a blockchain account in 2 clicks. You don't have to download MetaMask or some other crypto wallet to use a WAX dApp. Most crypto wallets are still WAY too difficult for a mainstream audience. But with WAX, there are no private keys to manage, no weird wallets and no obnoxious fees.

Here’s an example on how many steps it takes to start playing a blockchain game without the WCW:

WAX Cloud Wallet simplifies it to just three steps that customers are familiar with:

Developers, take note:

We’ve made it easy for you too developers. With just a few lines of code, you can offer your customers single-click signup through traditional OAuth providers that they’re already familiar with, such as Twitter, Twitch, and Reddit and more - even regional ones like KakaoTalk and VK.

By integrating the WAX Cloud Wallet, your customers can interact with your dApps instantly. No need to fear losing them due to unnecessary friction like with connecting complicated third-party blockchain wallets.

“Blockchain developers understand the frustration of on-boarding new users because up until now it’s simply been too hard. With the release of WAX Cloud Wallet, we’ve solved that problem in two clicks,” said Lukas Sliwka, CTO of WAX.

And did we mention we have the industry’s best resources? Developers can integrate the WAX Cloud Wallet in minutes by using our Quickstart guides and other documentation, available on the WAX Developer Hive. There’s also a real-time working demo that demonstrates the entire dApp integration process here.

To get started with WAX Cloud Wallet, go to or start building on WAX at

Prefer traditional blockchain processes? We got you covered:

The reason that WAX Cloud Wallet is so easy to use is that it manages the user’s private keys. But we’re not taking that option away, either. You can choose to manage your private keys through a regular WAX Blockchain Account if you prefer.

Do you have some questions about this approach?

Well, Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of Ethereum agrees that crypto accounts managed with private keys are not ideal for mass adoption, remarking recently, “I think accounts secured by one private key on one device is just not the sort of model that you’d want to push to people as the great new way of doing money, because that’s worse than the old way.”

So have it your way - use the WCW or manage your own private keys the traditional way.

Brought to You by WAX

Best of all, WAX Cloud Wallet is built on WAX. WAX Cloud Wallet is powered by Worldwide Asset eXchange™, the blockchain featuring free and instant transactions that are designed for video gaming and digital item-focused dApps.

Get a WAX Cloud Wallet today, click here to sign up.

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