WAX Community Developer Highlight Series: bountyblok

нояб. 11, 2020
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What does the project do?

bountyblok is a gamification platform that offers a suite of tools for dApps, websites, and product teams to engage with their users. Entertaining mechanics from the video gaming world such as achievements, XP/leveling up, leaderboards, NFTs, and more enable apps to maximize user engagement, revenues, and retention. Apps using bountyblok’s tools span a wide variety of industries including finance, education, fitness, video gaming and more.

Additionally, through bountyblok’s Zapier partnership, gamification mechanics can be injected into various apps like Asana, Twitter, Slack, Shopify, Typeform, and more. For example, to increase and incentivize productivity, a company can utilize bountyblok to gamify their Asana boards which will automatically reward employees with achievements like XP points and NFTs when they complete their tasks.

bountyblok also recently launched their NFT Airdrop engagement tool that’s currently used by many NFT projects on WAX. The purpose of the tool is to increase customer’s engagement with the brands using the tool:

“By integrating NFTs into either your marketing, user rewards, or sales strategy, you’ll instantly provide a strong incentive to your users, causing them to increase engagement, loyalty, and ambassadorship of your application. By giving your user provable ownership over something they value, you further cement the relationship. There is no easier way to achieve this than through the bountyblok NFT Drop.”

We believe the WAX Blockchain is currently the premier destination for digital collectibles (NFTs),” says Dimitri, co-founder of bountyblok. “We want to build tools that will drive growth within this sector.”

Read more about the NFT Airdrop engagement tool here.

Who is behind the project?

Co-founder and lead programmer Dimitri focuses on delivering quality and functional software. Dimitri has developed websites that have processed millions of transactions and currently used by thousands of avid users. He enjoys working closely with project founders building on WAX and helping launch their dApp or NFT project.

He holds a B.Eng in Computer Engineering.

Dimitri can be reached on Telegram @diminiko

What are the project’s greatest accomplishments?

“We are one of the highest traffic producers on WAX today! We're proud to be live for just a little over a year and have already onboarded several large traditional fintech and edtech companies with users that are completing tasks and challenges tracked on the WAX Blockchain, as well as the bigger projects in the WAX ecosystem such as Prospectors, KARMA, and HodlGod.

In addition, we have been helping many NFT projects with our tools allowing them to engage their users with fun airdrops and promotional NFTs such as Blockchain Heroes.”

- Dimitri

What would the project creator like the community to know?

The bountyblok team is looking forward to introducing more real-world clients to blockchain technology. They are currently exploring ways for businesses to drive growth using promotional campaigns through bountyblok (for example, coupon redemptions or gift cards).

They are also creating a Gift NFTs tool that allows anyone to create "gift cards" with a WAX NFT/asset attached to it, which can be sent via email or SMS.

Where can you find the project’s community?


https://bountyblok.medium.com<... information provided by bountyblok

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